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What is a S.W.O.P. proof?


What is S.W.O.P. proofing and what does the acronym mean?



The acronym "SWOP" stands for "Specifications for Web Offset Printing". In late 1974 a group of concerned industry experts met informally to explore the possibility of forming a committee to write specifications for material supplied to web offset publications. This is where the initial set of specifications that would become Specifications for Web Offset Publications - and its acronym, SWOP - were first envisioned. Several key dates stand out in the publication printing industry during the evolution of SWOP. In 1986 the SWOP Specifications booklet included guidelines for web printing of publications. In the 1993 edition of the booklet, SWOP addressed specifications for electronic file preparation and transfer of graphic arts data in a digital workflow. In 1997 and 1998 SWOP addressed the emergence of computer-to-plate as an important production method for publication printers across the country. This was addressed in the booklet's eighth edition and in a subsequent brochure, "Digital Specifications and Requirements." Here the issues of standardizing file formats and digital proofing were first introduced. Throughout its history, SWOP has played a key role in helping the printing industry adapt to new technologies while continuing to ensure quality.

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