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Poster Paper Options?


What types of poster print materials can you print on?



Here is a listing of just some of the materials we can print posters on:

Photo Paper - offers the most detail and color. It is the least exprensive and most popular paper.
Fine Art Paper - are used most commonly for water colors. Some detail is lost, especially in shadows.**
P.O.P. display - is a polyurethane that views very bright and wet looking. POP is very durable.
Static Cling - can be clear or white. A laminate over the print protects and provides the static properties.
Backlit - material is used for light boxes.
Adhesive - materials are used for mounting to surfaces without hardware.
Canvas - is used to give that "Oil" look and feel. It can be placed on a stretch board after printing.
Banner - material is good for 5 years of outdoor use. Pockets and grommets are included in the price.

**Acid free papers and archival inks are used for all Fine Art reproductions.