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Ai Text to Outlines?


How do I convert my text to outlines in Adobe Illustrator?



You can turn type into a set of compound paths, or outlines, this is a great fix for those who don't know how to find and send a font needed with in a job.

Font outline information comes from the actual font files installed on your system. When you create outlines from type, characters are converted in their current positions; they retain all graphics formatting such as their stroke and fill.


  • You can't convert bitmap fonts or outline-protected fonts to outlines.
  • When you convert type to outlines, the type loses its hints—instructions built into fonts to adjust their shape so that your system displays or prints them optimally at a wide range of sizes. If you plan to scale the type, adjust its point size before converting.
  • You must convert all the type in a selection; you cannot convert a single letter within a string of type. To convert a single letter into an outline, create a separate type object containing only that letter.

1. Select the type object(s) with the solid arrow tool.
    (Most times it is best to convert all text to outlines, then do a "Select All" at this point)

2. Choose Type > Create Outlines.

3. Save the file as a separate file so you have a copy that can be text edited later if need be.